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The Story

Two Suns Of Georgia is a revealing documentary film that focuses on perhaps the most important issue that we face today; the problem of race in American society. The film explores the two widely diverse ideologies, Separation vs Integration, as possible solutions to this volatile situation that we must confront. The film examines the advantages and the disadvantages of these two very different strategies and approaches to the problem of race in America. The title, Two Suns Of Georgia is a symbolic reference to two of the most illuminating figures in the civil rights and freedom movement in this country. These two men, native sons of Georgia and both the grandsons of enslaved Africans from the segregated southern state of Georgia, literally shook up the world with their activism and convictions. The Honorable Elijah Muhammad and The Reverend Martin Luther King provided a guiding light that enlightened millions of people in America. In fact, their individual impact was felt throughout the world.


Separation vs Integration

Our story also excavates much of the hidden and distorted history and legacy of two of the most extraordinary men of the 20th century, Both of these dynamic figures had been persecuted and vilified throughout their lives. In the case of Elijah Muhammad, once the leader of the largest and the wealthiest African American Muslim organization in the country, we find a man whose achievements have been largely overlooked, suppressed and deliberately hidden from the public in an effort to paint a picture that lies in stark contrast to the real man and his true legacy. Like Mr. Muhammad, Martin Luther King was also the victim of F.B.I. surveillance, slander, defamation and even branded as a communist by his enemies and the U.S. government. 
Two Suns Of Georgia reveals how Mr. Muhammad has been demonized as a hate monger and how Dr. King has been sanitized and deodorized and reduced to a mere passive preacher and dreamer. Highlighting this reality is not only relevant in our time, but absolutely essential to a world that has fallen into chaos as Dr. King predicted it would before his assassination in Memphis.

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